Additional Solutions

Digital Footprinting

As the world continues to grow more connected, your digital footprint, or the trail of different data types you leave behind on the internet, grows at an increasing rate. People do not typically think about what types of information or data gets left behind when they access the internet, but simple things such as your pet's name, birthday, address or other personal information can aid an individual or group to carry out an attack against you. In addition to protecting yourself from attackers, your digital footprint can create a reputation or perception that you may or may not know exists.

Insider Threat

Insider Threat is the threat of malicious activities or attacks from an individual within the organization. Often, these individuals have approved access to resources or technologies based on their job roles and it can be difficult to monitor or detect suspicious activities. Additionaly, insider threats can occur from employee negligence or circumvention of established processes.

Vulnerability Assessments

A vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying, prioritizing, quantifying and mitigating known vulnerabilties of networks, systems and applications. Different from a penetration test, a vulnerability assessment does not attempt any compromise of the source. Many organizations will conduct a vulnerability assessment and a penetration test to maximize the coverage of the security testing.

Training and Awareness

Employee education and awareness is a crucial component to helping secure your organization. The majority of attackers target employees, staff, and other individuals within a company because they tend to be the weakest link. These types of attacks are in the form of phishing campaigns or execution of malicious links and downloads. This tactic is deployed to allow an attacker access to your network quite easily.